What is Soft Washing?

What is Roof Cleaner Soft Washing?

A: The process consists of applying a cleaning solution, letting the solution do its job and then rinsing away the unwanted material while using only LOW PRESSURE to insure the safe cleaning of your property. Lichen, moss, mold, mildew, algae, road grime & dirt don’t stand a chance against Soft Washing.

Q: Is Soft Washing safe for my siding & roof?


Soft Washing is similar to the pressure of a garden hose so it is safe for use on every type of roof & all siding materials such as vinyl, aluminum, stucco, wood, brick, stone, etc.
Roof Cleaner is a complete exterior surface cleaning company.

Q: Why should I have the exterior of my home or business cleaned?

A: It is important to maintain a clean property for the aesthetic value & much-desired curb appeal along with providing lasting protection against building material degradation. When mold, mildew, algae & other airborne contaminants are allowed to remain on the exterior surfaces of a property they will contribute to premature paint failure & can also cause permanent staining on your siding material, concrete & gutters. Their root systems will grow into your siding causing it to split and crack.
before & after clean

Q: What is the dark staining on my siding?

A: Most likely its mold, mildew or algae. All of these like to grow in shady areas with high humidity. In these conditions they will grow on just about everything such as concrete, vinyl siding, stucco,, glass, stone, bricks, wood, treated wood, vinyl fencing, just to name a few..

Q: Isn’t mold a health problem?

A: Yes,
Not only is vinyl siding mold unsightly, it can also diminish your home’s curb appeal, and be unhealthy to you and your family. The Environmental Protection Agency says that molds do have the potential to cause health problems. Mold health problems can include hay fever-type symptoms, such as sneezing, red eyes, running nose, and skin rash.

Obviously mold on the inside of your home would be easier to inhale but vinyl siding mold and algae on the outside of your home can also be potentially dangerous. If not taken care of it may spread from the outside of your home through the roof or soffit vents and into the attic.

Roof Cleaner can clean the exterior of your house or building properly, killing and removing this harmful mold without harming your vinyl siding or roof. Not only will your home be cleaner but it will be safer for you and your family.

Q: There are small very dark raised dots on my siding, what is this?

A: Most likely they are Artillery Fungus spores if the areas are near or above mulch. This fungus lives in rotting hardwood mulch & shoots its spores in the air (hence the names Artillery or Shotgun Fungus) and these spores land on your siding. They will shoot 20+ feet into the air

artellery fungus


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