Roof Cleaner


Exterior cleaning done by Roof Cleaner your West Michigan certified, trained, Insured and trusted complete exterior surface cleaning company.
We make it our job to add life to exterior surfaces simply and affordably. Cleaning an exterior surface is a dirty job, and it takes more than just a garden hose to wash away the grime that can accumulate on roofs and siding. But it takes less than a pressure washing as well.
We provide a deep, thorough cleaning that makes a visible difference and will add years to the life of your exterior surfaces.
Our staff has the experience to provide outstanding roof cleaning to shingle, slate, cedar and even metal roofs. Flat roofs on commercial buildings should also be cleaned and Roof Cleaner has the knowledge on how to handle them as well.
When it comes to the washing of a house or commercial building, Roof Cleaner has the tools and the staff to do this type of work as well. We can wash vinyl siding and bring back its good looks. Dryvit, cement it does not matter, Roof Cleaner has been trained on the correct way to clean all types of exterior material.
Does your deck need a good deck cleaning; we can handle that as well.
Roof Cleaner DOES NOT use pressure washers/power washers to clean exterior surfaces, we use our soft touch – soft wash system and biodegradable chemicals to effectively get rid of moss, mold, mildew, lichen and black streaks.
If you are looking to have some exterior cleaning done this coming year, you owe it to yourself to speak with the professionals at Roof Cleaner. They can walk you thru the process and explain the ins and outs of our system.

So let our professional staff bring the luster back while saving you money in the process.


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